Smart Home – A Gift For Life


Smart homes are getting to be increasingly popular because of the convenience and security that it offers. When one wants to relax, the house automatically plays your favorite song and when it comes to watching a movie, the lights automatically dims.  Although converting your home into this kind of home automation may cost you a fortune, the advantages will prove to be worth the investment.

What is a Smart Home

The devices inside a smart home are all interconnected so as to enable the owner to be able to stay in communication with one another. Electricity is utilized in order to connect the home network with security control.  All that is needed is a remote control device or even a computer in order to command all the networks. 7 assistant that never sleeps.  Most of the connected system in the house include thermostart regulation, home theater, lighting system, home security as well as entertainment.

The history of home network automation.

In the olden days, only the rich and wealthy in the society could afford having their homes automated. Technological and electronics development have however made it possible for the other people in that category to get home automation. Though it is still relatively expensive, it is now not as costly as it used to be. Check out if you want to have smart home.

The smart home technology was created in 1975, when X10 was developed by a company based in Scotland. X10 was then a new technology that allowed compatible appliances and devices to communicate with each other over existing electricity wires installed inside a home.  All of the devices and appliances act as receivers and keypads or remote controls act as transmitters. For instance, turning a lamp off in another room by using the remote control will enable to control to send out a numerical code message carrying out the command.  Despite it being a revolutionary technology, the X10 had some limitations.   To learn more about smart home, visit

Some of these limitations include an unreliable communication on electrical lines.  This meant that sometimes the device being commanded was unable to receive the command at all. So as to address the limitations of this earlier technology, newer technologies have emerged. These new technologies now make use of radio waves instead of power lines, much like how cellular phone signals and wifi operates, but better. The technologies used in home security systems are the Z-wave and Zig bee which are mesh like. the mesh network however provides a new way for a message to reach a particular destination

what can we find in a smart home?

Cameras that monitor the exterior of the house, regardless of whether it is dark or not.  Motion sensors that sends out an alert whenever there is unusual motion around the house. Visit if you have questions.


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